My keywords

  • Static Analyses (sparse), SMT-solving, Array properties, Synchronous Languages.
  • Code Optimisation, Code Transformation, Polyhedral Model.
  • Safety and Security
  • (minor) Software evolution, Languages for Parallelism, ...

Research Teams

  • From sept 2021: CTSys
  • From september 2021 I will be external member of the CASH team: official Inria Project team since 2018.


  • (FR) Elected Member of the Inria Evaluation Committee (2020-2021)
  • (FR) Member of the new GDR GPL direction commitee (2021-) and director of the associated summer school (EJCP)
  • PC Chair of NSAD 2019 and steering commitee ofNSAD since, PC member of CAV 2019, POPL 2021 (+Best Paper Commitee), CC 2021, PLDI2022, TACAS 2023.