Current Internships Proposals

Currently advising

  • Maroua Maalej (from 1st October 2014) : low costs analyses for efficient compilers, with Fréderic Vivien. Phd defense: Sept 26th, 2017.
  • A L3 Internship
  • (coadvised with Lionel Morel)

Past Internships

Undergraduate internships :

Master internships :
  • 2013 : Raphael Ernani Rodrigues (Brasil) made a short internship (2months) and worked on a new algorithm for proving non termination (the report) .
  • 2016 : Vitor Paisante made a short internship, whose object was to realize a new pointer analysis with M. Maalej.
  • 2016 : M2 intership of J. Braine on programs with arrays and lists. (the report) .
  • 2017. 4A internship, Marc Chevalier.